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Horstead, Norwich
01603 736487

Skin surgery under local anaesthesia is offered for removal of skin tags, moles and lumps and bumps. It is carried out under local anaesthesia and is very well toleratd with excellent results.


Video of Co2 laser skin surgery for correction of rhinophyma

Video of skin tag removal with CO2 laser [below]

Being so pleased with the results of CO2 laser skin rejuvenation I have returned to have a small mole removed with the laser, which was very quick and painless also with great results!..


We prefer to use CO2 laser for surgery in most instances. Laser is a precision tool and results in a much better and smaller scar than conventional minor surgery or cryotherapy. In most instances the scar is barely perceptible.

Exclusion criteria

we are unable to treat you if you have-

*Suspected skin cancer

*changing, large pigmented moles

In these circumstances it would be prudent to see your GP for NHS treatment

*uncontrolled diabetes, high INR or bleeding tendency

Consultation fee £35

Skin tags from £ 85

Minor surgery from £ 150

CO2 laser surgery from £ 250

Mole on face Mole removed with laser


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