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Rhinoplasty-nose reshaping

Non surgical rhinoplasty

If you have nose deformities and you wish to avoid surgery or if you already had surgery but wish to make your nose look even better then non-surgical nose reshaping may just be the treatment you are looking for.

What results can be achieved by non surgical nose treatments?

We can fill out imperfections, scars and dents in nose surface to even out the surface. We can raise the tip of nose and reduce the nasal flare- nasal tip depression on movements such as smiling.

What can not be achieved by non-surgical rhinoplasty/ nose reshaping?

A larger nose can not be reduced in size although sometimes lifting nasal tip and straightening the nose gives illusion of smaller nose.

Are there any risks with rhinoplasty with dermal fillers?

Every medical procedure carries risks but these can be minimised by choosing experienced and safe hands such as ours at the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic.

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