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PRP therapy

What is PRP ? Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. We collect a blood sample, centrifuge it to concentrate and extract valuable growth factors. This is then used for skin rejuvenation. PRP can be applied after laser resurfacing or injected under the skin similar to mesotherapy. Since PRP is blood gathered from the patient, it does not have any risk of infection or hypersensitivity reactions. The number of platelets which is clinically useful is 1 million/ul or 4 to 7 times of normal platelets (200,000/ul). The lifespan of platelet is 7 to 10 days. The size is 2 um which is 1/4 the size of red blood cells. Platelets produce and secrete a number of growth factors in the process of tissue healing such as platelet-derived growth factor transforming growth factor beta fibroblast growth factor insulin-like growth factor 1 insulin-like growth factor 2 vascular endothelial growth factor epidermal growth factor interleukin 8 keratinocyte growth factor connective tissue growth factor.

What can PRP do?

PRP has been investigated and used for several types of medical treatments-
Soft tissue regeneration such as in leg ulcers, nerve injury, sports injuries, tendinitis, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, knee and hip osteoarthritis, cardiac muscle injury, bone repair and regeneration.
In association with skin grafts
With fat transfer procedures
As mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation
As a soft tissue filler
For scalp hair growth etc

How is PRP performed?

A blood sample is taken and transferred to a special tube. This tube is then spun in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate platelets. These are then collected and applied to the skin or injected. A local anaesthetic is used for pain control. We can also use it for soft tissue inflammation or injuries and for knee pain. A ultrasound scanner is used to guide accurate placement of the injection.

What is Coltishall Clinic PRP advantage?

We isolate super PRP using the very best equipment for platelet isolation and concentration. We use a high spec swing type centrifuge for maximum centrifugation and plasma production  to generate the highest quality of platelet rich plasma for best results.

How useful is PRP?

It is a promising new treatment. It has a sound theory but there are variations in techniques of collection, enrichment and applications. No large scale studies are available to date but there are anecdotal reports of patients with knee pain who have been able to run marathons as a result of PRP injections. It has also been used by professional athletes for treatment and recovery from various injuries.

In aesthetic clinic it helps early recovery from laser and interventional procedures and helps improve results. It is a facial rejuvenation option for patients who wish to avoid commercial products such as botox or dermal fillers. It is also used in association with these products or in isolation as mesotherapy. We do not use it as a stand alone facial filler at present. We like to combine it with fat transfer procedures and CO2 laser resurfacing.

What is vampire facelift or dracula therapy?

PRP has been given various names such as these because your own blood is used for regeneration process. Whilst PRP can help in facial rejuvenation we do not endorse the term facelift as this is misleading.


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