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Endovenous laser therapy is a quick, minimally invasive alternative to traditional vein stripping. Endovenous laser therapy is a relatively new outpatient treatment that can be performed under local anaesthesia in less than an hour.
Previously, treatment of painful, swollen varicose veins required a surgical procedure called vein stripping, where the vein was completely removed from the leg. More recently, endovenous laser therapy has been developed. Bulging varicose veins in the lower leg are usually caused by a faulty valve located higher in the leg that can’t be seen at the surface. The endovenous laser therapy treats the source of the problem, which then causes the varicose vein in the lower leg to shrink and disappear.

Endovenous laser therapy involves insertion of an ultrasound-guided laser fibre directly into the incompetent great or short saphenous vein. Laser energy heats the vein from within, causing it to shrink, collapse and seal shut. Patients experience minimal discomfort, and they can return to normal activities the same day. Because there are many veins in the leg, the blood that would have flowed through the closed vein simply flows through other healthy veins after the laser therapy.

A duplex doppler ultrasound examination is performed to assess suitability for this procedure. It may not be performed if there is active or past DVT, problems with deep veins or other significant medical conditions. All varicose veins may not be suitable for this procedure. Alternative options include surgery or sclerotherapy.

Coltishall Clinic also offers sclerotherapy and lasers to treat leftover spider veins.

Why us?

Thousands of satisfied patients

Emphasis on cosmetic outcome.

Latest 3rd generation laser, less pain, quick recovery. The newer 1470 nanometer (nm) wavelength laser targets the water in the vein wall instead of the hemoglobin, which results in a more comfortable procedure for patients without post-operative bruising or swelling. The 1470 nm laser's water absorption rate is approximately 60 times more than the 980nm lasers. Through this laser, physicians get the superior laser results of better than a 95 percent success rate with closing the vein; and less bruising than the radiofrequency closure devices.

Possible to combine EVLT with microphlebectomy, EVLT alone is not sufficient for most patients. This reduces the need for costly post EVLT treatments.

Latest technolgy to treat leftover veins after EVLT [ if required ]

Outpatient treatment, no risk of hospital acquired infections.

Free post-op care, no charge for follow up appointments.


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