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Varicose veins

varicose-veinsVaricose Veins

EVLA, non surgical and surgical treatments

We provide following services for varicose veins

1] Screening and vein mapping.Vein mapping is essential for proper diagnosis of cause and flow pattern in Varicose Veins as this will determine your suitability for various treatments.A special ultrasound machine called a duplex-doppler is used for this procedure. We use top of the range ultrasound machine from GE corporation.

2] Compression stockings these help by providing support to veins and for symptomatic relief. Also recommended for use after treatments.

3] Sclerotherapy using various state-of-the-art vein mapping and visualisation machines to enhance our results and provide very high satisfaction rate for our patients. We use both liquid and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy. Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy is an alternative to surgery or endovenous laser treatment for larger veins and also works very well for superficial flare veins or larger thread veins.

4] Microsclerotherapy. For treating fine thread and spider veins.

5] Laser treatment for smaller varicose and thread veins using most appropriate laser from a choice of five different lasers.

6] EVLT or endovenous laser ablation for larger varicose veins. We have a choice of two different laser systems for EVLT.

7] Ambulatory phlebectomy or microphelbectomy. A procedure for gentle removal of tortuous surface veins under local anaesthesia. We almost always combine this with our EVLT procedures for best results. Please note that EVLT or EVLA only treats the faulty valve and main feeder veins. In our opinion this should be combined with removal of large varicose veins through tiny microincisions in the skin.

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