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Stubborn fat

Men and Women can be prone to collection of stubborn fat in certain body areas. This fat may not respond to diet and exercise. Some common areas are double chin, muffin tops, back of the arms, chest, abdomen, love handles, thighs and knees etc.

Diet and exercise is your first step towards fat reduction. Our treatments can help mobilise [shift] fat from areas of stubborn fat.

Liposuction is the best option for fat removal/ reduction. Liposuction means a major surgical procedure to most people. What is less well known is that it can be carried out in a safe, gentle and comfortable manner.

In 2012 we acquired the newest fat melting laser from Italy. Laser liposuction is a well-known and established procedure. What is unique about this laser is its ability to melt fat which is 10 times more than the older lasers. This is the first such laser unit in use in the UK. It helps to tighten skin and reduces bruising at the same time. We thank our patients to allow us to use their images on this website.


Why us ?

Consultations with your Surgeon. No sales people. No follow-up fee. Open door policy and open access to us post-op. Caring team. Thorough procedure with your comfort a priority. We typically only have 1 case in the Morning or Afternoon session. Effective local anaesthesia for adequate numbing and artful fat removal requires time. Patients typically comment how comfortable they were. It is not a rushed job. You can see your new body shape in the mirror at the conclusion of the procedure. We see you again at 24-48 hours and few weeks later.

Who is suitable for laser liposuction?

Anyone with resistant pockets of fat that do not go away despite diet and exercise. You have to be in good general health without significant medical problems and near your ideal body weight. This is not a weight loss measure but a body sculpting or contouring treatment. We also offer weight loss services.

What areas are commonly treated?

Mummy tummy, upper and lower abdomen, cheeks, jowls and neck, love handles, muffin tops, hips, man boobs or moobs, upper arms, thighs, knees and most other body areas with localised collections of fat.

What happens after the procedure?

You will have dressings and tight compression garments for 24 hours. After this the dressings can be removed and gentle compression used for further 3-5 days. You are encouraged to go for a light walk and bed rest in not recommended. Most people return to normal activities within 2-5 days. Slight degree of soreness-similar to sore muscles after unaccustomed exercise is common.

Why are liposculpture, laser lipolysis or liposuction under tumescent local anaesthesia better?

No general anaesthesia, less invasive, less bruising, quicker recovery and more skin tightening are some of the many advantages. In addition the skin puncture sites are much smaller than liposuction under general anaesthesia or ultrasound assisted liposuction [UAL] such as vaser. There is also less risk of seromas [collection of fluid], or numbness of skin after the procedure.

What liposuction alternatives are available?

Mesotherapy injections can help melt fat, a non-surgical, non-invasive solution is ultrasound and radiofrequency fat reduction.

What other liposuction technology is available?

A variety of machines have been used to improve liposculpture technique. We believe that tumescent liposuction with microcanulas is safer and gentler. Modern technology can help improve our results. Most widely used machines in recent years involve lasers. Other methods use ultrasound which may be external or internal [ eg vaser], external low level lasers [ eg zerona] or internal or external radio-frequency [eg, bodytite, facetite].

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