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Vascular lesions

We offer non-invasive gentle treatments for liver spots which are small red or pink spots usually on abdomen or face but can occur anywhere on the body. Usually only 1 or 2 sessions of treatment are required. The spots turn dark purple/ grey and then fade away over next few days. Same technique is used for haemangioms, spider naevi and birthmarks. [ see pictures below] we use IPL or combination of IPL and Lasers. Nd-yag laser usually only requires 1-2 sessions for treatment of small venous lakes on lips.

Treatment pictures

spider angioma







Spider angioma in a 9 year old girl

spider angioma after IPL







After 1 treatments with IPL

Portwine stain









Portwine stain

Portwine stain after IPL treatment










After IPL treatment

spider veinson face











]Portwine stain

ipl treatment of spider veins on face











After IPL treatment


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