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Age spots

age spots on faceA combination of ageing, sun-exposure, smoking etc can lead to formation of pigmented spots which can be particularly prominent on face and hands.

Injectable treatments can improve lines and wrinkles but these pigmented spots can indicate ones age! We can make these spots fade or disappear. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy can fade these spots but can leave white patches and scars where pigment has been removed completely. This can be particularly prominent in darker skin types. We believe IPL & lasers are the best treatment for these spots and usually only 2-3 sessions are required. We recommend good skin care and sun protection to minimize chances of these spots from coming back. We can also recommend skin lightening creams to maintain the effects of IPL treatment. Why not combine IPL & lasers with restylane vital or fat transfer for total rejuvenation of your hands, face or body?

We can use 2 different IPLs and 6 different lasers for successful treatment of age spots anywhere on the face or body.

Treatment pictures                      

  Age spots on hands               After Treatment
Age spots on hands After treatment with IPL

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